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  Linyi Zhengyu Packing Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of non-woven materials. Due to the needs of the company's business development, it is now recruiting talents for the society.
  I hope that your participation will bring us new vitality, and we will also provide you with a broad space for development!
First, the workshop
  Salary: 3000-5000 yuan / month
  Five insurance and one gold package to eat and wrap
  description of job
  Job Responsibilities:
  1. According to the requirements of the workshop supervisor, complete the production tasks on time and in volume, and complete the production tasks for the current month;
  2. Carry out production operations according to process requirements;
  3. Obey the leadership arrangements and complete the technical learning tasks outside the post;
  4. Complete the temporary work assigned by the leadership.
  1, 20-50 years old
  2, male, good health
  3, hard work, responsibility
  Working time: eight hours, three shifts
Second, foreign trade commissioner
  Salary: more than 3,000 yuan, not capped
  Five insurance, double break, paid vacation, holiday welfare
  description of job
  Job Responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for the management, coordination, guidance and supervision of foreign trade business, organize and implement the annual foreign trade business objectives of the company, and standardize the foreign trade business process;
  2. Responsible for exploring the international market, understanding and collecting market information, and the situation of competitors in the same industry, developing new customers and establishing business contacts with them;
  3. Daily maintenance work of foreign relationship customers, including answers, answers and other related questions to customers;
  4. Responsible for the production of all foreign trade documents and the foreign exchange verification work and the online liaison work of the electronic port;
  5. Responsible for the reception work of foreign customers, pick-up and arrange visits;
  1. College degree or above, English level 4 or above; has a certain ability of English dictation, can communicate with customers in English, can be skilled in foreign trade with foreign customers, skilled use of various office software;
  2. The work attitude is correct and can seriously complete the work assigned by the department manager;
  3. Work hard and be responsible.